Thursday, August 12, 2010

More...Party of 1 please...More... Party of 1.

Do you remember being a kid and the incredible anticipation that went with waiting for the arrival of that new toy that you had wanted for what seemed like forever?

And then flash forward a few weeks...and that toy was in "the bin" with the rest of the previously anticipated treasures of time gone by.

What is it with the human nature that makes us want something so bad...and when we finally get it, the novelty wears off so quickly?

My take...I really believe that as a general rule of thumb a lot of what we "want" is, simply put, yet another thing that we see someone else has...and once we finally get it...we lose interest quickly.

It's because "that new thing" wasn't really new. It was for the original owner...but truth be told the majority of the reason we wanted it in the first place was because someone else had it. It never had anything to do with the fact that it was designed for us to have at all.


You can take hold of the comfortable/easy thing right in front of you and settle...or reach out a little further for the kind of opportunity that is loaded with risk/possible failure.

Anything that is worth anything at all comes from hard work. If it were would have been done already. And if it was done was never your's to begin with anyway.

Please...leave the easy stuff on the were made for more.

And if your more is all tied up in everyone's else's past stuff...

It'll end up being as the old saying goes...

Same crud...different day.

Make today different...but do it by being different...being you...not someone else.

You were made for more.

With Expectancy,

The Zuke

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