Thursday, October 14, 2010

From my heart tonight...

When was the last time your beliefs were challenged? I don't mean about topics that quite frankly are non-topics...the here today and gone tomorrow ones that make the ego-maniacs gloat over the sound of their own voice and self-declared wisdom.

I am speaking about things you have just always felt. Sometimes not even sure how you got to the point where you made those beliefs your own...if you actually thought your way through them or just absorbed them by proxy from family and friends that believe a particular way.

I am reminded tonight that believing in something does not mean you will have, or do have all the answers.

That is not something any of us will ever be able to claim. In the meantime...I choose to share my beliefs and listen to other people as they share theirs. And what if we don't agree?

That might just be the point.

Ever think that maybe...just maybe...neither side really knows the answer?

Then why in the world do we claim wisdom when the answer might just be to claim ignorance...followed by the fact that we are not, will not nor ever be...


In the about we try basic math.

2 ears...1 mouth.

There is a reason.

With Expectancy,

The Zuke

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