Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Redefining Thirsty...

I am picking up Oscar from school today...and on the way out he proceeds to walk over to a drinking fountain that is affixed to the brick on the outside of the building.

He takes a look at his destination, and try as he might...cannot get any water to spurt out of the faucet on the fountain.

From a distance I notice that the location where the button should be...is not in fact anything but a hole in the front of the fountain.

Right about this time...Oscar has had about enough and proceeds to inform me that he can't get it to work. I explain that it is broken, and that the hole on the front is where the button should be to make it work. (Tax dollars well spent huh...but I digress)

As we make our way down the sidewalk towards the parking lot Oscar reminds me that he still has a problem...He's thirsty.

Here is the best part...Did I mention that during this entire process...it has been raining on us?

You know..the steady and misty type of fall rain that just soaks you to the core in a short time even though it doesn't feel all that threatening at first.

So as we walk...He fixes his problem.

He holds my hand...we walk...his leans his head back...and opens his mouth as far as he can.

Then the perspective only a 4 year old can bring to the situation...

"Dad...the rain tasted like candy"

So my question for you today is this...

If what you are thirsty for today isn't available...Are you able to close your eyes...lean your head back and take what the world throws your way as "plan B"...

And declare that "This tastes like candy."?

Now that is sweet stuff.

With Expectancy,

The Zuke

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