Monday, October 11, 2010

Why puzzles annoy me.

I just realized I can't stand puzzles.

I know...I know..."Gee Whiz that seems a little over the top" you might be inclined to say.

Stay with me for a moment, and if you still want to chuck something in my direction when I am done I will make sure I have a helmet and pads on.

Seriously...the entire point of a puzzle is what?

To put together something that has already been created...has been systematically torn apart...just to be put back together EXACTLY the same way the picture started with not one notion of original thought whatsoever....FOR FUN!!!

WOW...Sounds like a blast!

You know what else it sounds like? What the idea of a puzzle represents?

Most people's lives.

They get up everyday and proceed to build puzzles all day (go through the motions). They take the box handed to them (a situation), dump it out on the table in front of them (life)...and proceed to tell the story of the picture that has already been created for them. (ugh)


My question for you is WHY do we spend so much time solving a problem that we already know the answer to?

Because we are control freaks.

My challenge to you today is this...

If putting the puzzle together legitimately makes's the best option on the table today...then by all means BUILD AWAY.

BUT...IF...and I stress IF there might be another way...and that way could very well make the world around you a better place because you tried solving a problem that hasn't been solved yet...


You deserve it...and so does everyone else around you.

To be able to stop going through pre-determined motions if there is another way that could result in greater good...

greater good for a world that desperately needs it.

Sorry for the rant tonight...

blame it on the 750 piece puzzle that is staring at me from the other side of the dining room table with the edge pieces just about done...and a huge pile of colorful middle pieces waiting to file into order...for no other reason than to "solve" a problem that has already been solved. (Not my puzzle BTW)

I know what that picture's on the box next to while you sit there for hours to get it to come into focus, AGAIN...piece by painstakingly slow piece...I will pick up the box, see what it is...put it down...and get on to the next thing...that could be "the thing".

Life is short...(unlike my post tonight...ironic as that may be)

Your choice...

Build puzzles...or paint an original picture.

PS...Want to know what the title of the puzzle is sitting across the room from me right now?

I kid you not..."100 Chickens and a worm"

(100 things that represent being afraid and 1 other that has got to be one of the most predictable creatures on the planet.)

The best part? I didn't know what the title was until I read it after I was finished writing this.

You can't make this stuff up.

With Expectancy,

The Zuke

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