Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Stop...just stop. The excuse sounds even more lame than you can imagine.

The thought in your head right now says : "It's difficult."

What you need to hear someone say to you right about now : "So What."

Just because that incredible/"positive difference in the world making thing" you are working on...(or need to be if you are hiding behind excuses)...doesn't come easy...doesn't mean you pack it in and quit.

I came across a quote today that I thought was right on the money.

From singer/songwriter Josh Wilson's friend...his name is James.

"I can't do everything, but I refuse to do nothing."

Yup...it might be hard, it might hurt, make you sweat and exhaust you in the process.

Would you really have it any other way? If you did, wouldn't that make you just another person...doing another thing...that any ole person could do...whenever, wherever?

Battle to be unique and go do that difficult thing.

The world needs people like you to make a positive difference around here.

With Expectancy,

The Zuke

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